Xcaret fun nature and history

About one hour by bus from the hotels area, Xcaret is something not to be missed. Only a little help from men made a place with natural beauty and signs of history a park where children and adults may spend a full day, with many and different attractions.

There is so much to do at this park! The entrance to the park isn’t too obvious, the taxi cab will drop you off on the side of the road and it looks like there is nothing there, but actually there is a bus stop where the trolly will come pick you up to take you into the park.
Snorkel the river through the caves which is fun, but dark a lot of the time and you can’t see much, kinda creepy sometimes through the cave parts but you have to give it a try if you go! There is an aquarium museum, pumas, monkeys, sea turtles, alligators, so much to see and do, it’s fabulous.

Eat a great meal at the restaurant,  overlooking the sea turtles home, try the chicken stuffed with goat cheese, it is one of the best dishes you can ever eaten anywhere. You can get beer, soda and cigarettes at different locations around the park. They have a great little beach area to hang out at, a snorkel area and lots of sitting areas throughout the park. All in all Xcaret was a wonderful time!

Stay for the night show, just magnificent! It is in this huge open-air amphitheater built as it would have been back in the times of the Mayans, the sound in the theatre was superb.  Finally, this huge tour bus pulls up and took you down the road and drop you off at your respective hotels.  You can try to hail a regular taxi (not the bus) to get back to your hotel.