Real downtown Cancun

Visiting downtown Cancun and 28 Marketplace

excursión al centro de cancún por comida callejera y mercado local

It is not dangerous to visit the downtown Cancun, at the beginning of the strip. For families with kids, there is so much to do, they have small cars for $2 for 10 min for kids to ride in the park and many shops and restaurants. On weekend nights, they have good sales and the food there is good, at the stalls, I ate there even when I was pregnant and it was okay.

-For the more adventurous, go downtown Cancun where the locals go. There are really two downtown Cancun–the tourists’ section, and the local’s section. When we went in 2000, we were determined to see the locals section and did this by riding the bus at night to the end of Cancun. During the day, we found the locals market (Market 23). There the people had better prices, but some couldn’t speak English. The tourists’ market was fun too. The venders love to bargain and there is plenty of competition, so you can find some great buys. Hair braiding was fast and cheap. Even the children will hustle you by coming from behind, sliding a woven bracelet on your arm and saying “dollar.” This became annoying though. Downtown is a nice break from the beach for at least one day

-An interesting cultural experience but not for the animal lover!
Every Wednesday at 3:30 pm (15:30) at the Plaza De Toros in Cancun.
Admission is 400 pesos (approximately $40USD) for a 2-hour show.
The show includes ceremonies, dancing, audience participation and of course the bullfight. Guys, if you are brave you can play matador with a real, albeit smaller bull!
Animal lovers are warned, the star bull is killed in this show and not discreetly either.
A little shocking but part of the cultural experience, nonetheless.

-Downtown shopping is the best. This is where you see the real beauty of the buildings. Just look at the only picture we have found of our Cancun experience. Taxis to downtown are cheap.

-Take the bus into the heart of Cancun and explore down there. You’ll find plenty of restaurants and maybe even a festival. The restaurants are good and cheap almost all around. Sometimes guitar players will wander in off the street and play personalized songs for you, but be ready to cough up some pesos for it. This happens to be near the ADO bus station in Cancun. I just thought the name was a laugh. Although you can get two for one drinks.